Italian Pilot Site

Located in the North-East of Italy in the area of Trento and Verona

Italian Pilot Site

Evaluation of ICT4CART use cases in the A22 motorway and urban areas of Verona

The Italian pilot site is located in the North-East of Italy in the area of Trento and Verona. In this area, the A22 motorway runs across the cities of Trento and Verona, where ICT4CART foresees C-ICT tests on motorway and urban environment. The test site includes contributions by FCA-CRF, Autostrada del Brennero (A22), LINKS Foundation (LINKS/ISMB), Wind Tre Spa (WIND), Swarco Mizar Srl (SWM), and City of Verona (CDV).

The Verona pilot site aims to implement, test and evaluate five key technologies

  • Smart parking and internet of things (IoT) services in Verona

  • Dynamic adaptation of vehicle automation level

  • Aided intersection crossing in Verona urban area

  • Lane merging in Autostrada del Brennero (A22)

  • “Virtual mirror” for urban crossing in Verona urban area

The focus will be on enabling ICT technologies and infrastructures for connected autonomous driving (AD) vehicles such as “virtual mirror”, high definition local maps, precise positioning systems and low latency information distribution through Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC).