German Pilot Site

The German test site is located in the urban area of the City of Ulm.

German Pilot Site

Ulm University bringing great minds together

The work on the German test site and the accomplished research is led by Ulm University (UULM) and includes contributions of the partners Nokia, BMW, SWARCO, AIRBUS, IBM Ireland (IBM-IE), and the City of Ulm (COU).

The Ulm pilot site aims to implement, test and evaluate three key technologies

  • Smart parking and on-demand fleet management applications

  • Precise localization of automated vehicles with correction data from a mobile (cellular) network

  • Crossing an intersection with the help of an environmental model of the intersection fed by infrastructure sensor information (“virtual mirror”)

This includes the deployment of the ICT reference architecture to be developed within the project as well as research, implementation and evaluation of data management, cyber security, and hybrid communication technologies. Hereby, hybrid communication means that the infrastructure is able to sent and receive information via mobile cellular networks (LTE/5G) as well as ad-hoc networks (ITS-G5).


“We look forward to results that will not only bring tautonomous and networked driving, but also strengthen the science and business location of Ulm.”

Gunter Czisch, Mayor of Ulm