Austrian Pilot Site

Includes 20km of A2 motorway between “Laßnitzhöhe” and the City of Graz

Austrian Pilot Site

Based on a fibre-optic network that provides IP-based network connectivity

The pilot site is equipped with C-ITS road-side units (VMS information, road works warnings, and other event information), video cameras (traffic management, single vehicle detection), single-vehicle counters and environmental sensors.

The Graz pilot site aims to implement, test and evaluate three key technologies

  • G5 short range communication

  • Cellular communication

  • LTE-V and real time communication with the traffic control centre

The Austrian pilot site provides a test framework for the testing of the distributed IT environment and the flexible network architecture in ICT4CART. In the project the Austrian Test Framework will be used with partner Swarco for ITS G5 and with partner T-Mobile for LTE/5G.