The goal of ICT4CART will be achieved through the following objectives. The relevant project Work Packages (WPs) are listed at the end of each objective description.


Identify the functional and technical connectivity requirements posed by the needs of higher levels of automation (SAE L3 & L4) ensuring communication redundancy and increased reliability.


Implement and test a standards-based distributed IT environment for data aggregation capable of collecting and managing in an automated and interoperable way all the exchanged data regarding the driver, the vehicle, the vulnerable road users (VRUs) and the infrastructure, leveraging also cloud technology.


Implement cyber-security and data protection and privacy mechanisms aligned with the EU policy objectives.


Improve localisation by combining information from different sources (European GNSS, on board sensors, other vehicles, infrastructure, etc.) and adapt existing tools and algorithms for data fusion.


Validate and demonstrate the ICT Infrastructure architecture through the project use cases and test sites.


New business models and market services for the innovative use of cross-sector data, including the creation of services linked to the ICT infrastructure for automated driving.


Promote the project developments to standardisation bodies and policy makers especially in relation with actions requiring public authorities’ intervention.