Enabling automated driving by ICT infrastructure : a reference architecture

By Michael Buchholz, Jan Strohbeck, Anna-Maria Adaktylos, Friedrich Vogl, Gottfried Allmer, Sergio Cabrero Barros, Yassine Lassoued, Markus Wimmer, Birger Hätty, Guillemette Massot, Christophe Ponchel, Maxime Bretin, Vasilis Sourlas, Angelos Amditis

Information and communication technology (ICT) is an enabler for establishing automated vehicles (AVs) in today’s traffic systems. By providing complementary and/or redundant information via radio communication to the AV’s perception by on-board sensors, higher levels of automated driving become more comfortable, safer, or even possible without interaction by the driver, especially in complex scenarios. Additionally, communication between vehicles and/or a central service can improve the efficiency of traffic flow. This paper presents a reference architecture for such an infrastructure-based support of AVs. The architecture combines innovative concepts and technologies from different technological fields like communication, IT environment and data flows, and cyber-security and privacy. Being the basis for the EU-funded project ICT4CART, exemplary implementations of this architecture will show its power for a variety of use cases on highways and in urban areas in test sites in Austria, Germany, and Italy, including cross-border interoperability.

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