Role in the project

WINDTRE is involved in ICT4CART with the solutions on the most advanced communication segments and in the program to evolve to the new approach based on “disruptive” technologies. WINDTRE explores in ICT4CART how to analyse the sustainability of new solutions from technical and economic perspective so as to have a complete vision of all opportunities for the new automotive context.

WINDTRE plays an important role in ICT4CART project. Specifically, its contribution is fundamental both in the implementation of the architecture and in the realization of the use cases, introducing the MEC server technology in the infrastructures of the node of Verona, which allows to move the processing and the application intelligence at the peripheral level, close to the various elements involved. Wind Tre will provide the LTE cellular network with MEC server capabilities to be integrated to the Italian test site according to the ICT4CART infrastructure architecture.

About WINDTRE S.p.A.

Wind Tre is one of the leading telecommunication company in Italy, born from joint venture between the two operating companies H3G S.p.A and Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A., whose sole shareholder from September 2018 is CK Hutchison.

Wind Tre is achieving significant efficiencies and important investments in digital infrastructures. The new financial and industrial capacity allows to provide innovative, high quality services and a higher network speed in line with the growing demand for connectivity and with the consumption expectations of families and businesses.

The company aims to become a reference player in the fixed-mobile integration and in the development of new generation fiber networks, thanks also to the agreement with Open Fiber for the realization of the ultra-broadband network in Italy.

In the Consumer segment, Wind and 3 are the brands that characterize the products and offers. Wind

represents the “smart value for money” choice and it is aimed primarily at families. 3, always at the forefront of technological choices, represents the “the future you want” and it is aimed primarily at customers with a strong digital attitude. In addition, Wind Tre Business is the brand for companies and Public Administration.

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