Urban Foresight

Role in the project

Urban Foresight will bring their expertise in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and innovative business models to the ICT4CART project. We will be supporting the wider programme in developing viable and successful business models by exploring two key questions:

  1. How will the CAV ICT infrastructure market develop and what are the needs of the various players in that market?
  2. In what ways can this infrastructure and its associated services be paid for?

Our research and analysis activities will wrap around the bulk of the technological development activities, providing other consortium members with guidance on the business environment that frames their research.

About Urban Foresight

Urban Foresight® is a multidisciplinary innovation practice that is dedicated to advancing the next generation of technologies, services and policy frameworks for cities. We work with ambitious organisations around the world on projects that improve lives, protect the environment and boost local economies.

We are a mission-driven business, applying our collective skills to a wide variety of projects which support and accelerate the development of sustainable urban futures. By taking an integrated and holistic approach we offer expertise in the key sectors and services where progress is required to achieve a brighter future for cities, communities and industry.

We help our clients to define, develop and deliver sustainable solutions across relevant sectors including: mobility, energy, environment and communities, economic development, and data and infrastructure. We work with a range of organisations, from local and national governments to NGOs, networks, and multi-national solution providers.

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