T-Mobile Austria

Role in the project

In the ICT4CART project T-Mobile Austria will lead the task Cellular Radio Networks. This task is dealing with the required changes in the cellular radio networks to support automated driving functions.

T-Mobile will have an active role in mobile edge computing and precise positioning.

Further TMA will exploit technological advances in network slicing and apply them for the needs of level 3 and level 4 automated driving. The Austrian test site and and cross border test site integration will be supported.

About T-Mobile Austria

T-Mobile Austria is one of the leading providers of telecommunications, TV and entertainment in Austria. With the merger of UPC Austria in the summer 2018, the company now has 2500 employees, 7.2 million contract customers and pro forma revenues (2017) of 1,25 billion Euro.

The brands T-Mobile, UPC and tele.ring offer fixed and mobile internet, digital TV and entertainment as well as mobile communications for different target groups – from consumer smartphone and internet customers and families, small companies to public and listed companies.

As a part of the Deutsche Telekom group T-Mobile benefits from the innovative capacity and the financial stability of the group, one of the biggest global player in the telecommunications market. In the fiscal year 2017 the group reported a turnover of 74,9 billion Euros. T-Mobile Austria serves amongst other functions as machine to machine communication (M2M) expert for the Deutsche Telekom group.

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