SWARCO Mizar S.r.l.

Role in the project

SWARCO will contribute to the definition and specification of the use cases and scenarios and will be involved in the definition of the high-level ICT4CART architecture and data flows, as well as in the description of the test sites reference architecture and design. The company’s main contribution will regard the project’s pilots, where SWARCO will be involved in all four test sites of ICT4CART. More specifically, SWARCO will provide ICT4CART with the required infrastructure, products and knowledge to reach the successful integration and testing at pilot level. SWARCO will also contribute to dissemination activities and to the definition of the exploitation strategy. At the same time, the company will use its background knowledge and the knowledge generated during the project to support the standardisation activities.

About SWARCO Mizar S.r.l.

SWARCO MIZAR has over thirty years of experience in ITS and is specialised in the research, design, development and implementation of advanced telematics systems. SWARCO MIZAR has practical experience in the implementation of large-scale integrated systems in four main business areas: (a) Traffic control for urban and interurban areas; (b) public transport management; (c) mobility information services; and (d) fleet management. These systems – including Urban Traffic Control system UTOPIA, Public transport management NEXT, the Info-mobility service platform MISTIC, and the OMNIA Platform – have evolved from in-house research and development activities.

The company was founded under the name of Mizar Automazione S.p.A. in 1981 in Turin, Italy by Prof. Vito Mauro. Since May 2010, SWARCO MIZAR has been 100% owned by SWARCO AG and is recognised as the ITS expert of SWARCO ITS Division. This has given the company the opportunity to greatly extend the market reach of its products and means that SWARCO can offer leading-edge software as part of its transport solutions. Since June 2012 the company operates under the new name of SWARCO MIZAR.

The company’s products and services are distinguished by their technological excellence and innovative content and SWARCO Mizar plays a major role in European research projects at national and international level, also taking part in committees and study groups responsible for the promotion of transport telematics, ITS standards and the development of ITS architectures.

SWARCO Mizar currently has a staff of around 65 highly qualified employees that have consolidated their expertise in transport telematics through research initiatives as well as through practical experience in the field of system implementation.

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