City of Ulm

Role in the project

The City of Ulm is member of the partnership of the EU-project ICT4CART. One of the three test sites of the project will be on the area of the city. The City will support the project with test sites for automated driving on public streets and municipal parking spaces in Ulm. A problematic street crossing in one of the suburbs of Ulm will be in the focus of the projects. The city will also sustain the project with the use of a municipal parking deck near the main railway station of Ulm. This parking deck will be also in the focus of the research for smart parking and fleet management.

About City of Ulm

The City of Ulm is a city of 122 000 inhabitants in the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. Ulm is in the south-west of Germany, at the river Danube which is also the border to Bavaria. The city is famous because of its "Wissenschaftsstadt"-Science City, in which educational and research institutes, clinics and industrial companies work together in a very innovative way for about 30 years.

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