Role in the project

SEAbility is leading task 9.2 activities related to dissemination activities and event organization. SEAB is also involved in the definition of use cases requirements, in the conduction of the Market Needs Analysis –from freight transport point of view-, in the description of specifications and architecture considering data and IT services and in the definition of Data Exchange Services with a specific focus on commercial vehicles. SEAB is also contributing and supporting the definition of the evaluation methodology and plan, the identification of the impact assessment, the conduction of cost analysis and Market sustainability and the exploitation strategy of the ICT4CART project.

About SEAbility

Drawing on a family tradition in the field of Transport and Shipping Agencies spanning more than 100 years (from 1910), SEAbility Ltd. is active in the fields of intermodal Freight Transport (road, air, sea), shipping agencies, and logistics. SEAbility’s philosophy, is dedicated to the non-stop development of specialised services, related to connectivity issues, data handling and security with the capacity and flexibility to meet its client’s specific needs and add tangible value to their business operations.

Building on its heritage in freight transportation, logistics and shipping agencies and by leveraging its expertise in these domains, SEAbility is also focusing on new networking concepts for better information flow, network resources management and sharing, through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions and consultancy services covering all areas of transportation and also fields related to environmental issues, smart cities and energy, safety and security applications.

SEAbility, has expertise and experience in a broad range of technology and application fields, such as:

  • Impact assessment and benchmarking of the logistics & transport sector;
  • Intermodal transport operations and processes (sea, road, train, air transport);
  • Port operations on behalf of shipping Lines;
  • Consolidation, forwarding and door to door services;
  • Energy and environmental applications;
  • ICT technologies and Software platforms, including information and communication systems;
  • Business intelligence and Data analytics in the Transport and Logistics sector;
  • Development of business applications and specialized solutions according to customer needs and requirements (turnkey solutions)

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