Comune di Verona

Role in the project

CDV (Comune di Verona) will contribute to the definition of the use cases refinement and specification regarding the Italian test site. CDV will be involved in all the activities concerning the Italian test site, starting from the definition of the plan for system integration, to the deployment of the ICT4CART Architecture and the integration of the ICT infrastructure and components. CDV will also contribute to the data collection activities.

About Comune di Verona

The municipality of Verona is a city of 265,000 people and a territory of 195 square kilometres. The city has a road network of over 1,000 km, and over 200,000 vehicles drive on these roads daily.

The local government has delegated to the Department for Mobility and Traffic all power relating to urban mobility planning, maintenance of road signs, monitoring of public transport and the organisation of the Traffic Control Room.

The main tasks of Traffic Control Room are:

  • Traffic control for urban areas
  • Public transport management
  • Mobility information services
  • Mobility planning
  • Analysis and prediction models

The activities of the Traffic Control Room are based on technological solutions such as Swarco Mizar’s OMNIA, UTOPIA and MISTIC systems.

The department of Mobility and Traffic manages:

  • 62 centralised road intersections connected by o.f.
  • 137 road intersections connected by 3G
  • 82 video cameras for traffic monitoring
  • 13 measuring stations for traffic analysis
  • 23 VMS for information
  • 52 VMS for parking availability
  • 13 gates to control access to limited traffic zones
  • 22 gates to control IN/OUT to limited traffic zones by RFID passive UHF

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