AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures

Role in the project

AustriaTech will contribute to the specification of use cases and of the reference architecture and bring in particularly C-ITS and security aspects. AustriaTech will also be involved in test site integration and testing. In addition AustriaTech will lead the task Liasion and Networking Activities.

About AustriaTech – Federal Agency for Technological Measures

AustriaTech was founded by the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology to promote fast technological development of the mobility system and to bring innovations into transportation.

The Austrian federal company works in partnership with Austrian infrastructure operators, mobility service providers, relevant businesses, transport industry stakeholders, research facilities and authorities. AustriaTech is active in projects across borders in the European Union with all infrastructure operators and modes of transport. The company envisages a modern, efficient and affordable mobility system. As such, it must contribute substantially to the improvement of all individual’s quality of life – in due consideration of the different transport environments – and of the economic competitiveness of Austria and the European Union.

Staff at AustriaTech is mainly made up of graduates from technical and business management institutions providing knowledge from the fields of information and communications technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, freight transport and logistics, transportation and traffic engineering, project management and administration. As particularly cooperation between infrastructure and automated vehicles can contribute to a safer, more efficient and sustainable mobility system, AustriaTech is highly interested to contribute to the next steps towards deployment of connected and automated vehicles.

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