Airbus CyberSecurity (CCS)

Role in the project

Airbus is primarily involved in this project to design and integrate Cyber-security and Data privacy solutions. To do that, Airbus will define the related requirements and take part in use cases description. Airbus will lead Cyber-security and Data Privacy Specifications and architecture and so take part in the reference architecture. Then Airbus will lead the integration to implement these specifications and this architecture and will provide a supervision center. Cyber-security and Data Privacy solutions will be integrated and demonstrated in the 3 tests sites. Finally, Airbus will assist in the evaluation of results and will contribute to the Communication and Dissemination activities.

About Airbus CyberSecurity (CCS)

Airbus CyberSecurity is a subsidiary of Airbus Defence & Space providing high grade cyber-security services and solutions for private and public actors, including governments, companies and critical infrastructures. Besides its mission to protect Airbus Group, Airbus CyberSecurity has acquired a strong experience on military and national security projects. Airbus CyberSecurity is one of the trusted security actors selected by the French national authority for information security (ANSSI) to provide labelled security services to the French national-critical infrastructures (Opérateurs d’Importance Vitale). With two other main facilities in the United Kingdom and Germany, Airbus Cybersecurity is by design a European player, capable to enforce standardization of cybersecurity solutions at multi-domestic level.

Since 10 years, Airbus CyberSecurity has participated to several R&T projects related to cyber security. These projects dealt with event correlation (SATURN project, ITEA), attack detection and remediation (RED project, CELTIC), countermeasure decision (DESEREC project, FP7), security assurance (BUGYO and BUGYO-Beyond projects, CELTIC), risk analysis and policy enforcement and governance (PREDYKOT project, ITEA2). Collaborating to these projects, Airbus CyberSecurity gained many competences and knowledge and has managed to build a solution for security supervision called Cymerius, which has been deployed in the French Navy networks. What is more, Airbus CyberSecurity operates a SOC (Security Operation Center) in its premises, and provides security supervision as a service for its customers, with Cymerius on top of the security devices in use to operate the security of the customers’ IT infrastructure and services.

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